Rewards FAQ

What is the A.S.98 A-List rewards program?

The A.S.98 A-List rewards program is our way of thanking you for being a loyal customer and fan of A.S.98! You’ll earn points for shopping on and completing activities like writing reviews and referring friends. Points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, so the more you collect the more you will save!


The A.S.98 A-List rewards program is open to all customers; everyone who creates an account will be automatically enrolled. Employees and other affiliates of A.S.98 and our parent company are not eligible.

How do I earn points?

The A.S.98 A-List rewards program is open to all customers; everyone who creates an account will be automatically enrolled. Employees and other affiliates of A.S.98 and our parent company are not eligible.

How do I redeem my points?

When you’ve reached at least 1,000 approved points you can redeem your points for a discount certificate. Login to your account and select Get rewards on your dashboard to view and select your discount certificate, which can be used at checkout. ONLY TWO REWARDS CODES CAN BE USED PER ORDER, AND THOSE CODES CANNOT BE OF THE SAME DENOMINATION

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

No. Go ahead and earn as many as you can!

How is my A-List tier determined?

Your A-List tier is determined by your dollar amount spent in the given calendar year (Jan 1- Dec 31). When a new tier is reached your status applies for the remainder of the calendar year in which the tier was achieved, and the following full calendar year. Following that, annual requalification is required

How does the Refer a Friend program work?

Share your unique referral link with a friend. When your friend makes a purchase through that link, you will receive 2000 rewards points.

What happens if a friend I refer cancels or returns their order?

Your pending points will be cancelled and removed from your account.

How do I get points for writing a review?

Our review option can be found on the bottom of every product page. If you are logged in to your account when you write a review, you will receive points when the review has been posted.

How do I get points for following on @as98usa on Instagram?

Log in to your account and go to the A-List dashboard. Select the “Earn Points” tab, click on the Instagram icon, login to Instagram, and follow us! If you already follow us simply unfollow then follow again so you get points for the action.

Where can I use my points?

A.S.98 A-List points can only be redeemed on Rewards coupons cannot be used to purchase Sample Sale items.

Why did my account balance go down?

You, or someone you referred, cancelled or returned a purchase.

I completed an activity but I don’t see my points!

Don’t worry! It can take up to 3 business days for your points to be processed.

What do the 'approved', 'pending', and 'cancelled' point statuses mean?

Approved points can be redeemed on rewards immediately

Pending points need to be verified before they can be redeemed. This typically applies to purchases and referrals, and the approval period is 30-45 business days.

Cancelled points will not be added to your account. For example, this will happen if you cancel a purchase or return a purchase (the points will change from pending to cancelled)

Can I use my points during checkout?

Not directly - please redeem your points for a discount certificate, which can then be applied during checkout by entering the unique discount code.

When do my points expire?

Points expire 1 year after the day they are earned if you do not make an additional purchase in that year. Each time you make another purchase, the expiration date for previously earned, not expired, points resets to the date of the most recent order.

How do I leave the program?

If you no longer wish to earn points, please contact us at and ask to be unenrolled. We'll unenroll you and you will lose any points you have accrued.

What happens if I leave and decide to join again?

Just contact us and we'll re-enroll you. However, your point total will begin from zero.

Are A.S.98 A-List rewards points refundable?

No. Once points are redeemed they are non-refundable.

Where can I report a problem or give feedback?

Contact us at, or by using the Contact Us form in the website footer.

New Customers

An account keeps your shipping, order and wishlist information at your fingertips and allows you to earn rewards every time you shop!