Gretchen Rhodes


Music has been in Gretchen Rhodes's life since the day she was born, sparking a life long passion. We love how this passion resonates through the Hawaii-based Singer/Songwriter's life, from her bluesy, soulful, sound, to her rock and roll-hippie-chic aesthetic.

MUSIC: Music inspires me to be the best person I can strive to be for myself and my family and in doing so anchors me to what is real in this life, good or bad.

INSPIRATION: Music is the air I breathe and it feeds my soul. If I weren't able to express myself musically, the essential thread of who I am would slowly unravel and I would forever be searching in vain  for something to fill the void left behind.

STYLE: I dress the way I sing/write and move and I sing/write and move the way I dress. I am what I do, I do what I am. A product of my world traveling and of the place I live; 1 part Island, 1 part Urban, and 1 part Country.

Gretchen wears the Suffield boot




Gretchen wears the Sebastian boot


EXPRESSION: There is a Rock and Roll warrior goddess within me that loves to shine thru, and my A.S.98 gear is the perfect expression and extension of that!

This fall, more is more, as Gretchen chooses A.S.98 styles in mixed materials, heavy on the embellishments. Deep velvet, embroidery, buckles, and hardware adorn boots in rich hues, perfect for standing out in the crowd.

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